A Colourful Day with Kumara

We decided to venture into the local market in Aluthgama, we met our taxi driver Kumara who took us to the town, we decided to stay with Kumara as he was able to take us places less commercial for spices and soveniers etc. Kumara spoke very good english, he was very helpful and informative telling us about the local way of life. So glad we had him with us as the market place was a bit bonkers and he was great at keeping us safe against the traffic and especially the crazy Tuk Tuks. Kumara explained things we saw in the market, the different fruits and veg, the other unusual produce that we had never seen before, even down to the implements used to make life easier (which we could not guess what they were used for, except the pastry cutter)

At first I think Kumara thought I was a real mad English woman taking photos of strange things all around me, when I explained he understood I was only a little bit crazy. We met Kumaras family which was a real priviledge and what a beautiful family he has, so friendly and welcoming. We got talking to Kumara and his family and we came to realise just how lucky we Brits are, we take it for granted that we can just take a photo and even a selfie 24/7 with out thinking about it, majority of the locals have no means of taking a photo for their memories. Can you imagine not being able to look back at those precious times and show your friends your holiday snaps, so I am afraid I got shutter happy and took loads of photos of the family and will be sending an album to Kumara to look back on in years to come (I also have a gorgeous little girls photo for painting reference)

We wished we had met Kumara earlier in our trip, he is one of those lovely people you meet from time to time, working so hard to build a nice safe home and support his family. We still have so many more things we want to see and do in Sri Lanka, so I think we might just be calling on Kumara in the future.