About me

max-andmeI started to paint in 2011, when a watercolour tutorial sparked my interest. I had been looking at starting a hobby now that my children were no longer so dependent on us, and it seemed like a medium that would fit in with my hectic home and work life. My passion for painting flourished, now I have a keen interest in various mediums and subjects. I am especially fascinated in wildlife, of all kinds. As an artist I am still finding my feet, learning as I paint and I hope that I will find my signature style along the way.

My paintings take much inspiration from our beautiful surroundings that most of us often take for granted. The sight of a fallen tree sprawled along the roadside to a magnificent hilltop view with patchwork fields below – it just blows me away. Living in the countryside I am privy to majestic wildlife, such as a juniper bug fluttering around the wild flower meadows, or a young deer roaming through the woods, there is just so much to take in and re-create through my work. This kind of inspiration leaves my head so full of ideas that I often do not know where to begin.

I desire to paint everything and anything that excites me and in various mediums. I am a realism artist, and like to absorb myself in the detail, colour and textures and in turn cannot help myself from replicating the things I see. I crave to loosen up a little, to keep the detail of a subject while softening away the less significant aspects of the picture. My hope is to one day I have more time to experiment and splash the paint around without time restraints.

In my teens, while watching my father sketch and paint in his spare time, I always had a strange feeling that I would like to paint but never took it any further. Like my father, I have no formal qualifications in art, and I am mainly self-taught. My daughter has a flare for art and seeing her study art at college, just gave me the push to have a go.

The first time I picked up a paint brush after schooling was during the later stages of my pregnancy, i had a crazy idea to paint the walls of my daughters nursery. So armed with a brush, white emulsion and poster paints, I set to on the walls with the ‘Usbourne’ book, ‘The farmyard Tales’ for ideas. Three weeks later we had a room full of animals.

Upon moving to New Zealand in 2004, my passion for art and appreciation for the stunning landscape we live in truly ignited. However, with a ten-acre block to look after there was little time to spare for hobbies. Three years on we returned to Hampshire and settled back in to UK life. With the children growing up, attending high school, college and university, finally it was time to paint.

I have recently received a ‘commended award’ for the SAA (Society of All Artists) for being a finalist in the ‘SAA Artist of the Year 2014’ this was a real boost, I think its the only thing I have ever won (except first prize in a bonnie baby competition but then all babies are bonnie so that doesn’t count) As I develop as an artist I hope to use this website to catalog my growth and display my work.