My cousin Kathryn had asked me to paint a portrait of her beautiful Sprocker Spaniel for her husband Tony’s birthday, it was a real privilege to be asked but at the same time quite scary too, my very first portrait commission.
Finding the perfect photo to work from was quite tricky, taking bits from one and bits from another, then producing a more youthful look how Beanie was a few years ago before the signs of old age had crept in. I really enjoyed painting Beanie, even the times when I struggled with the composition and doing major eye surgery, occasionally finding myself hiding under the table scratching my head……… It was quite a challenge keeping it a secret from Tony, emails and photos going back and forth with secret subject titles to throw him off the scent.
I miss not having Beanie looking back at me, on the easel at the end of the room; those eyes just gazing into mine as I made my strokes and what a pleasure to see Tony’s reaction when he set eyes upon the painting – now that was pretty special and never be forgotten.