Here you can find interesting information, people, companies and items that has helped me along my way on my artistic journey.

Firstly, I must mention where I work and because this is my brother Andrew’s business, which has been established since 1984. Working with my brother is definitely interesting, never mundane, always different from day to day and he keeps me on my toes. We have six practices in Hampshire and a great bunch of staff that work well together, like a well oiled machine. Andrew has been awarded the ‘Optometrist of the Year’ for the past two years, which is well deserved!

Matheson Optometrists

The next person I would like to mention, is Anton, my very very patient web designer. Anton is a freelance web designer and a good friend (and skate mate) of my son Casey. I was a little reluctant at first, because of only communicating by email, possibly a language barrier down to his young age and as Anton is from Belarus, would we be on the same wave length? I was worrying for nothing, Anton is very mature person, easy to get on with, he explains everything as he goes to ensure complete understanding between us and with his help and expertise we have built a great website.


Artist and tutor Jane Lazenby works in various mediums, but mainly acrylics. Jane is based in Yorkshire is an established equestrian artist but thats not all she’ll turn her hand to but probably best not to ask her to paint flowers (may be when shes a lot older in the tooth, she might have a go at a daisy or two). Jane has a great way of teaching, relaxed but firm, funny but serious when she needs to be (or when Mums about) and definitely very informative, keen to share her arty knowledge and experience with her students. I could go on about how great Jane is and how you get to sit on the sofa and do the’chin rub’ together, basically a great tutor offering workshops that don’t feel like work. Check out her websites below:

Fareham art Gallery is where all my art lesson started from, Ian and Kathy have run the gallery for some years and have a great a great atmosphere during the lessons that take place, theres always a waiting list for spaces to join, as no one want to leaves they are all glued to there seats but i really think its the coffee and cake that keeps them there. Beverly Daniels is one of the tutors at the gallery and her class of students aptly named ‘The Antoinettes’ (‘let them eat cake!’), I miss the guys, the demos (always a giggle! and informative of course) the lessons and the merry chit chat we had every week.

Art lessons with Beverley Daniels is a real must! Apart from being very funny, shes a great teacher in various mediums and has a go at anything, whether tried and tested or just experimenting on the day. I will mention the demos are just second to none for the sheer entertainment value, Beverley has a way of getting you excited with new techniques in subjects and mediums you try to avoid. Highly recommended, check out her website!

Alan Longmore, this is the guy that has opened up my eyes with using pastels. I was lucky enough to have a one to one, 2 day workshop with Alan and boy did he make me work and I am so happy with what I learnt in that short space of time – layering layering and more layering!

I’d like to add Neil and Suzie to my links list as these guys really do make a good job of framing, great, honest advice on materials and mounts. Neil is an artist too, so he knows what hes talking about, check out his artwork.

I have recently joined MIWAS (Marwell International Wildlife Art Society) which is a society that helps support Marwell Wildlife, it is a group of likeminded artists that can take part in workshops, exhibitions and other events throughout the year. And then theres the ‘Big Cat Safari’ run by Daryl and Sharna Balfour Africa’s leading wildlife photographers offering the tailor made safaris – just had to book my self on this trip. Pip Mcgarry is the Chairman of MIWAS and a world leading artist and has been the ‘artist in residence’ at Marwell Zoological Park in Hampshire, I could go on….. check out Pip’s website.

Chris Gilpin is a local photographer and has recently produced some Giclee prints from some of my paintings and the results have been great.