Returning Vision Charity Auction Goes Live Today

Up early this morning to get on with the last 2 windows in Denmead and Purbrook, its been a bit challenging with displaying the paintings and prints in some of the practice windows. I had not realised that 3 of the windows out of 6 only have narrow sills and no back supports. I ‘ve had to imprevise a little, using household bricks wrapped up in lining paper to use as a back support for the paintings, loads of blue tak, scraps of string and drawing pins to anchor them in place, its been good fun to say the least, been a while since i used to clamber in and out of the windows (sounds like I used to be a cat burgular in a past life)

Please take a look at (click on the banner on my home page) to find out more about the auction and the charity and feel free to tell your friends and family, any support will much be appreciated.


Here’s a few photo’s i just wanted to add to the post. First one showing the Malawi people all patiently waiting to be seen, second one shows some of the optometrists working together in one area under limited conditions and lack of technology that they are used too. Thirdly the eight optometrists together after the expedition has come to an end, the guy in the dark glasses is my brother Andrew who I am very proud of, did I mention he is the ‘Optometrist of the year’ again! They are all great guys, I’m not sure whos who in the photo but if I find out I’ll add it here later. I do know of Peter Hong (the guy with the camera) started the charity over ten years ago and regularly takes young optometrist students to the less developed countries to restore sight to these less fortunate people.

optoms-at-work-lores 8-good-guys-lores 4