River Meon meandering through West Meon

A little wintery scene of the river meon meandering through to West Meon.

I drive to work passing this part of West Meon and always thinking this would make a lovely doodle and wash painting. Last winter I was passing by early one frosty morning, and sitting quite proudly on a fence post was a stunning Pheasant and it his mate below him – what a stunner of a photo it would of made, if only I could of stopped but its one of those places that would be sheer madness to do. I kept this thought in my mind for future painting ideas. A few weeks ago I painted this picture below as a fun painting with the idea of making some Christmas cards but ran out of time, and never quite got my head around adding the pheasant, may be next year. Just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year!