Thurushi – Finished! May be?

Almost there but in need of a background that pushes Thurushi forward and shows off her lovely satin white dress, but not taking the eye away from her beautiful face. Still some contemplating to do before we get to the final stages


Okay, so this little girl still has hair that looks a little grey, hard to show off the shine and gloss to Thurushi’s locks. So it looks like a lot more darks to deepen the richness in the colour of her hair. More skin tone needed too, and then theres that background to work on.

A few more hours work on Thurushi, lots of chin rubs, umming and arhing later and tweaking here and there and I think I have finished my sweet little Sri Lankan girl.

May be not quite finished, I think I need to stand Thurushi on the easel for a few days so I can pass by and ponder over the painting a little more before i say its done for sure.